Storage Units

Storage Units

We offer a selection of different sized and shaped storage units for both residential and commercial needs. If you’re new to storage units, you might benefit from some guidance in narrowing down your options.

When it comes to self-storage units, size doesn't just matter - it's everything. You don't want to pay more for a storage space that will only sit half full when you can pay less for a smaller self-storage unit with all its space maximized. It's all about picking the right size and knowing how to manage the space you have to let you fit all the things you need to put in storage. Not to worry though, there are a lot of self-storage unit sizes to choose from and almost all will provide you with enough space to store your things. The sizes also increase in just the right increments so that you never have too much or too little space; of which every square inch ought to be worth every cent you spend for it.

Inside Storage

  • 5'x5' $45./month^
  • 5'x10' $64./month^
  • 10'x10' $90./month^

^Move-in pricing, call for details.

Drive-Up Storage

  • 5'x5' $55./month^
  • 5'x8' $65./month^
  • 5'x10' $74./month^
  • 5'x15' $75./month^
  • 5'x20' $90./month^
  • 10'x10' $100./month^
  • 10'x15' $175/month^
  • 10'x20' $185./month^
  • 10'x30' $230./month^

^Move-in pricing, call for details.


  • 6'x18' $52./month*

*Current rates are subject to change without notice.


5 x 5

At 25 square feet, this smallest of self-storage unit choices will give you just enough room to put in small furniture like a chest of drawers, small boxes, a small mattress set and some other small items.

  • Inside Storage: $45/month*
  • Drive-Up Storage: $55/month*

5 x 10

This is roughly the size of a walk-in closet and will allow you to store a couch, chairs, a chest of drawers, mattress set, some yard equipment and other small items.

  • Inside Storage: $64/month*
  • Drive-Up Storage $74/month

5 x 15

This unit size is roughly 75-80 square feet and is similar to that of a small bedroom or a hallway. It will store most furniture from a one-bedroom apartment, including a refrigerator, washer and dryer, as well as some other small furniture and miscellaneous items.

  • Drive-Up Storage: $75/month*

6 x 18

This is the perfect space to house your RV, camper or toy hauler.

  • Parking: $52/month*

5 x 20

This unit size is roughly 100 square feet and is similar to that of a medium bedroom. It will store most furniture from a one-bedroom apartment, including a refrigerator, washer and dryer, as well as some other small furniture and miscellaneous items.

  • Drive-Up Storage: $90/month*

10 x 10

This is the average size of a regular bedroom and can fit most furnishings from a one or two-bedroom apartment including patio furniture as well as most appliances.

  • Inside Storage: $90/month*
  • Drive-Up Storage: $100/month*

10 x 15

At 150 square feet, this is about the size of a large bedroom and will hold a two-bedroom apartment or a small house's furnishings including most appliances.

  • Drive-Up Storage: $175/month*

10 x 20

At this size, a lot of things can already be stored, with some extra room to spare. About the same area as a one-car garage, the 10 x 20 ft. self-storage unit can accommodate the furnishings of a two or three-bedroom apartment or house.

  • Drive-Up Storage: $185/month*

10 x 30

By far the largest space and the biggest self-storage choice you can avail of, the 300 square foot unit is as big as an extra-large one-car garage and can house either one vehicle such as a car, truck or boat; or all the furnishings, appliances and other major and minor items of a four or five-bedroom house.

  • Drive-Up Storage: $230/month*

*Move-in pricing, call for details.

Current rates are subject to change without notice.



Apart from fitting all your stored items, consider the equation of convenience versus cost-effectiveness. Short-term renters might want a larger unit so they can get in and out of it quickly, and keep all items within easy reach. Renters who plan to organize their belongings for long-term storage, on the other hand, might prefer a tightly-packed smaller unit in order to reduce cost.



Depending on what you are storing, it may be best to select a rectangular unit instead of a square unit. Tell one of our storage advisors what you intend to store, and they will determine which unit is best-suited for your needs. We are glad to help and want to save you as much money as we can.



Your home or renter’s insurance policy might cover property stored in an offsite facility like ours. Speak with your insurance agent to see if storage unit contents are covered by your existing policy . We are not responsible for any damage to your property.

Securing Your Belongings

We’re here to make sure your belongings stay secure and undamaged, and that takes a little planning. Here a few tips from our pros:


We don’t require you to buy one of our locks, but we do recommend that you use a quality lock with at least two keys. This way, if you lose a key, you will still have a back-up key to get into your unit.


Never give our keypad security code to anyone who is not authorized to access your unit. If people are helping you move, instead of giving them the code, punch in the code yourself to let them in.


Free boxes from the supermarket might appeal to your budget, but they are not designed for storing and stacking. It’s worthwhile to invest in sturdy boxes specifically made to be used multiple times.


Consider storing items in plastic bins or totes, and cover everything with a tarp. Cement walls and cardboard boxes both absorb water. The more steps you take to safeguard your belongings, the better.


Just like your home, it’s a good idea to pest-proof your storage unit. Our storage advisors can help you take the appropriate precautions.

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